Event, discourse, exhibition, body, act, process, matter, form, context, condition, audience… All these words start a conversation. The result creates a new entity: a kind of object that we call installation. An object or a series of presences, coming from different places and lasting in time, that produce a system of relationships. A unique place where visitors access and complete with their presence and their experience, the meaning of things.

Perhaps, on rare occasions of unexpected lucidity, we can find comfort in asking ourselves: Should we add that ideas and forms are emotions of the intelligence? Will thoughts and experiences always look like a fugitive victory? Does a work of art offer us simultaneous starting points, multiple endings and numerous conclusions? Maybe none? If we find that comfort and it remains in time and fluttered in our heads and bodies like unruly miniatures of astonishment, wouldn’t it be imperative to create to scrupulously carry out our fantasy?